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Hair Transplant Forum

People who suffer from hair loss are usually in search of a solution. Some of them follow the recommendations of friends or relatives, others prefer to see the real results. Hair transplant forums are the most helpful communities where people can find genuine feedbacks and answers to their questions.

What Are Hair Transplant Forums About?

  • All patients are excited about their upcoming hair transplant surgery. They want to know before hair transplant stages and address to forums.  It is also important how hair transplantation is done. Very detailed information about different methods appears during the search. Then, They have to consider whether the FUE or the Dhi hair transplant is more suitable based on forum feedback.
  • Candidates form an opinion about the hair transplant results and process.
  • They can find before and after hair transplant results, estimate them, and also learn about the whole process. Some questions like: Why does the swelling after the hair transplant occurs? Why do redness, pimples, shock hair loss appear? When does swelling pass? also bother patients.
  • Moreover, hair transplant candidates can find very detailed information on specific topics like pen implanter method, unshaven hair transplant, women hair transplant, eyebrow transplant. They can also get in touch with real people who went through hair transplant surgery.
  • Here they get to know hair transplant clinics and doctors more closely.
  • The most recent developments in the hair transplant are discussed on these forums
  • Candidates learn about all complications after hair transplant.
  • They can evaluate complaints about doctors and hair transplant clinics. A few of the most popular questions are: what is the best hair transplant center? Or who is the best hair transplant doctor? In addition to all, there is hair transplants cost information in diverse hair transplant centers and doctors.
  • There are answers to hair loss problems and treatment questions.
  • They can read about different scalp skin diseases which cause hair loss.
  • They can reach detailed information about medications such as Minoxidil, Finasteride used in hair loss treatment and learn the experiences of people taking them.
  • People on this forum also share their experience with hair care and cosmetic products.
  • Finally, tools that are used during the surgery are also described here.

How to find these international hair transplant forums? Easy! Google the keywords ‘hair transplant forums’ and various results will appear. There are many multilingual hair transplant forums. We collected some of the most popular of them for you below.

International Hair Transplant Forum

Turkish Hair Transplant Forums


The list of forums above will help you to collect information about hair transplants. It is worth mentioning that not every post is genuine. We suppose that you will be able to identify fake comments and feedbacks. You can find a lot of Dr. Hakan Doganay’s results publications and AHD Hair Transplant Center on local and international platforms. Some hair transplant results are posted by our patients who underwent the hair transplant, some of them are published by AHD Hair Transplant Clinic’s corporate account.

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