3000 Grafts Hair Transplant

Our patient is 35 years old, he faces Norwood 5 hair loss. His hair average, dark brown. We transplanted 3000 grafts in total. Grafts were collected by micro-motored FUE method and implanted with Implanter pen technique. The operation took 2 days (1500+1500 grafts). This patient did not have intense shock loss, results were achieved in 7 months.

In the thread below you can see the 3000 grafts hair transplant results. We did not restore patient’s vertex/crown area. Medical supplements helped him to increase the quality and density of the crown hair. Patient is very happy with overall result.

Before Gallery

After Gallery

Hair Transplant 3000 Grafts Before and After

The picture below illustrates the result of 3000 grafts hair transplant. Grafts distribution was as follows:

  • Single Grafts: 300
  • Double Grafts: 1775
  • Multiple Grafts : 875
  • Total Graft Number :
  • Hair Number : 6475
  • Average Hair per Graft : 2,15

We restored only frontal hairline and frontal area. The patient used Finasteride and Minoxidil on the top and crown areas.


You can also follow the progress of this journey on the video below. The last episode was recorder in 6 months after the operation.

How Much Does 3000 Hair Grafts Cost?

3000 grafts hair transplant cost varies depending on the clinic and the country where the clinic is located.

In countries like Pakistan, India, Turkey at clinic where is no doctor, 3000 grafts may cost 1000-1500 EUR. In opposite, in Europe, Uk, the US, or other Western countries cost may range between 7000 EUR and 15.000 eur.

You can check our prices here.

2 thoughts on “3000 Grafts Hair Transplant”

  1. AOA
    Doctor i am from pakistan. Can i know how much total USd will cost for 3000 grafts icluding travelling from pakistan

    1. Kamila Kamila

      Dear Mr. Ahmet,
      We have 2 options. The first is when Doctor Doganay himself performs the operation, the second one is his technician’s work. All parts of the operation are controlled by the Doctor. Accommodation and transfer to – from the airport are covered by our clinic. Please contact us by the following number +90 553 154 1858 so that we can provide you with more information in details.

      Respectfully yours,
      AHD Clinic

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