hair transplant 8000 grafts result

8000 Grafts Hair Transplant

Our patient 44 years old faces Norwood 6 hair loss. His donor area is quite strong . The total grafts capacity is more than 10.000 hair roots. We transplanted 8000 grafts in two sessions with one year interval. Each session lasted for 2 days. Totally, the hair transplant took 4 days. We used micro-motored FUE for the extraction and pen implanter for the implantation.

Here is grafts distribution table:

  • Sİngle Grafts: 3050
  • Double Grafts: 2402
  • Multiple Grafts: 994
  • Number of Grafts: 6446
  • From Berard : 2445
  • Number of Grafts: Hair and beard 8891
  • Numer of Hair: 10,836
  • Average Hair Per Graft Ratio: 1,68

Before Gallery

After Gallery

Hair Transplant 8000 Grafts Result

You can check the final result of hair transplantation in this patient. He is happy and feels much younger with his ‘new’ hair. If you consider natural hair transplant result, Dr. Doganay is one of the most talented doctor in the field. Get in touch with us for your personal treatment plan.

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