2000 grafts hair transplant

2000 Grafts Hair Transplant

Our patient is 25 years old. His donor area is quite strong, he is facing Norwood 3 hair loss. The father and older brother of the patient also face little hair loss. Once the patient was accepted as suitable for the procedure, 2000 grafts were transplanted. The operation lasted 1 day. Results are achieved in one year.

The total donor area capacity of the patient is 8000 grafts. If his hair keeps thinning, he has enough reserve to make another session. Hair grafts were collected by micro motored FUE and implanted by implanter pen.

Before 2000 Grafts Hair Transplant

The thread below shows before 2000 grafts implantation, 3rd; and 10th day after hair transplant.

  • Single Grafts : 683
  • Double Grefts : 1175
  • Multiple Grafts : ( 3-4 ) : 317
  • Total Grafts : 2175
  • Average Hair Per Graft Ratio : 2,37

2000 Grafts Hair Transplant Result

Here are the hair transplant results after one year. Our patient is very happy with the outcome – naturally looking hair.

How does the hair transplant look after 2000 Grafts? 30-50 grafts can be transplanted per 1 cm2.

• Hair transplant success rate rises in Norwood 2-3 type hair loss.
• The hairless area of 50-70 cm2 can be restored.
• 2000 grafts can also cover the crown area.
• Very successful results can be obtained in density increase female hair transplants.

How Much Do 2000 Grafts Cost?

ou can get different prices for 2000 grafts hair transplants. Packages may vary depending on countries and surgeons. For example, in America and Europe, a fee of 5-8 USD per graft may be requested. In other words, you can pay 10,000-16,000 USD for 2000 graft hair transplants.
The price of hair transplantation for 2000 grafts in Turkey has also a wide variance. You can have this procedure done for 1000 USD in an under-the-counter clinic. However, in operations performed by a reliable surgeon, the cost of the hair transplant is 2-3 euro per graft. This means that the price for 2000 grafts is between 4000-6000 euros at qualified doctors in Turkey.

We charge per graft. The cost of the hair transplant in our clinic is 2 Eur/graft. You can also check another option on the ‘cost’ page. For more details please get in touch with us by WhatsApp: 0090 533 154 1858 or email: info@drhakandoganay.com. We will be happy to consult you online, just send us your hair photos.

How Many Hair is 2000 Grafts?

The hair per graft ratio is individual in every donor area. Usually, the ratio varies between 1.5 and 3. 2000 grafts can make around 4500-9000 hair.

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