3500 grafts hair transplant before after

3500 Grafts Hair Transplant

Our 33 years old patient have Norwood 4 hair loss. We decided to proceed with 3500 grafts hair transplant. Patient’s donor area is strong, hair is black and thick, suitable for the hair transplant. Operation lasted 2 days. On the first day we transplanted 1750 out of 3500 grafts. Grafts were extracted by micro-motored FUE and implanted by pen implanter method. The patient did not take any medical treatment.

Grafts distribution is as below:

  • Single Grafts : 225
  • Double Grafts : 1900
  • Multiple Grafts : 1375
  • Total Graft Number : 3500
  • Hair : 8150
  • Hair Per Graft Ratio : 2,32

Before Gallery

After Gallery

Hair Transplant 3500 Grafts Before and After

Below you can the result of 3500 grafts hair transplant achieved in 12 months. Patient is happy with the natural look of his hair and he feels much younger now. Although he keeps his hair short in donor area, there is no clue of the operation.

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