eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

The information on this page was prepared by Dr. Hakan Doganay to share scientific and accurate information about the eyebrow transplant. Eyebrows determine face shapes, they are even more important than hair. This is because they create eye outlines. What is eyebrow transplant? It is a procedure of transplanting hair to a partially deficient or absent eyebrow area from other parts of the body. With the development of the FUE, the eyebrow transplant gained popularity among women. There are different reasons for eyebrow hair loss. Eyebrow transplants must be done under certain angle that differs from the regular hair transplant.

Recently eyebrow transplants have become popular in many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, etc. Women show a lot of interest in this procedure. As for men, they refer to eyebrow transplant in case of inherent hair absence or defects after traumas, car accidents. 

Anatomical Structure of the Eyebrow

eyebrow transplantation

It is recommended to determine the anatomical eyebrow hair structure in a patient before the surgery. The eyebrow reminds the shape of a sword. It sometimes can shift down with years.

  • The eyebrow hair near the nose grows only upwards. The hair on the lower line grows up from the eyelid, while the higher line hair is directed down. These courses create a cross-connection in the middle drawing a horizontal line look by the hair merge. It is crucial to remember this factor in eyebrow hair transplants to achieve a natural-looking outcome. In the picture you can follow the hair directions pointed with arrows.
  • Additionally, eyebrow hair growth is completely different from the usual hair. It is almost attached to the skin growing under a 10-15% angle, which is very important to remember in surgery. It is much easier to transplant the eyebrow under a proper angle with the Pen implanter technique.
  • The eyebrow hair is a single graft hair. Only a single graft transplant is acceptable because a 2-3 hair root result in an improper look.

The Reasons of the Eyebrow Hair Loss

When we hear about hair loss the first thing coming to mind is an ordinary hair loss. As for eyebrow hair loss, we perceive it as some thinning in the eyebrow. Eyebrow hair loss is not natural and causes aesthetic concerns. Let us take a look at its reasons in details:

  • Goiter (thyroid disorders) One of the reasons can be hypothyroid which means thyroid disorders. There is no need to do eyebrow transplant to a patient with hypothyroid because when the disease is cured, the eyebrow regrows back.
  • Alopecia is a term that is used both in hair and eyebrow. It becomes active when psychological or immunity system problems occur. People suffering from it can refer to the hair transplant after medical treatment. Sometimes the eyebrow can be treated with cortisone, but, unfortunately, in most cases, the hair falls out again.
  • Infections Eyebrow hair loss mainly caused by such infections as fungal or flaking, which are easily curable. Tuberculosis and leprosy can also sequence in eyebrow loss of hair.
  • Avitominosis The situation is often met when there is a deficiency of vitamin H or biotin and in unbalanced nutrition.
  • Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy: Cancer treatment affects all hair on the body as well as the eyebrow and causes hair loss.
  • Menopause
  • The defection of the eyebrow caused by burning, car accidents, surgery, scars, and other traumas. The eyebrow hair transplant is the ideal solution for men and women.
  • Permanent Makeup The procedure destructs eyebrow hair roots. Many patients refer to eyebrow transplants because of the negative results of permanent make-up. Sometimes, eyebrow hair loss occurs after tattoo erasion or laser epilation.
  • Trichotillomania This is pulling out eyebrow hair. Usually, psychological disorders like obsessive-compulsive remain underneath. The eyebrow hair, if constantly pulled out, can get thinner or rare over time
  • Eyebrow Plucking Women who puck the eyebrow often end with thin and rare hair. Transplant is an ideal solution for returning the density
  • Some people have rare eyebrow, or even have no eyebrow hair from birth. There is no connection to any diseases. Eyebrow hair gets thinner of fall out over time, this is genetically inherited.
  • Eyebrow hair loss or thinning can also occur with increased age. This is absolutely natural.
  • The total absence of the eyebrow from birth

Know-How in the Eyebrow Hair Transplant (4 Essential Criteria)

There are four golden rules for hair transplant in eyebrow

  1. Only single grafts. Double or multiple grafts transplants never leads to a good result.
  2. The hair transplant should be as horizontal as possible. The most important point in the eyebrow transplant is an accurate angle, which is 5-10 degrees. The hair must be almost attached to the skin. If this rule is ignored, the outcomes of the surgery may be disappointing. The best techniques for eyebrow hair transplant is the Dhi pen implanter or stick and place method. You should choose a doctor who has enough experience in this area and whose outcomes are positives.
  3. A proper curved eyebrow line. The eyebrow line should be curved from the nose to the middle. The same is done in the lower area of the eyebrow. In addition, while this curve thickens slightly in the middle, the eyebrow should be thinned towards the outer area. The picture below shows what we tried to explain.
  4. The channels’ direction should be opened in accordance with the angles of the upper, lower nozzle, and outer eyebrow area. The hair that is located close to the nose should be directed up. The hair growing from the upper line is leaned down. And finally, the bottom line eyebrow hair directed upwards. The rotation in general creates a single eyebrow line. The picture below shows the structure detailly, directions are marked with arrows.
natural eyebrows
eyebrow hair transplant

How is the Eyebrow Transplant Done in Turkey?

How is the eyebrow transplant done? How is the eyebrow hair implanted?

  • Pre-Examination The first thing you should do is to find a qualified doctor with a proper reputation. The doctor must take into account your preferences.
  • Graft Extraction A sufficient number of grafts are taken with the FUE technique after the application of local anesthesia. If the grafts are taken from the hairy area, only single and thin follicles must be extracted. Usually, single hair grows on-ear, it is also thinner than on the back of the head. We transplant the hair from the on-ear area. It is very crucial to remember that the graft roots should be separated. The 2-3 joined grafts do not give an eyebrow a natural appearance. Hair in the female genital area can also be transplanted to the eyebrow.
  • Formation of the Eyebrow Line An appropriate eyebrow line should be planned according to a person’s face traits to create a maximum natural look. We already mentioned the techniques to create a perfect eyebrow line.
  • Local Anesthesia (Eyebrow Area) The line is anesthetized locally. Local anesthesia is applied to the notches (anatomical points) of the supraorbital and supratrochlear; the eyebrow area of transplant is numbed this way. Pain occurs due to anesthesia which lasts only 20-30 seconds. Despite this, the patient does not feel anything. So we can answer the eyebrow pain question as it hurts a little bit.

Eyebrow Implantation

The single grafts are implanted within the hairline under appropriate angle and direction. We use the Dhi hair transplant technique (pen implanter). This is because the pen implanter allows transplanting under a 0 – 5 degree. We use very thin needle tips – 0,6 mm in diameter. These 0,6 mm needles help to achieve a perfect result in the eyebrow transplant. Another advantage of this technique is less bleeding and a very fast recovery period without big wounds. Due to thin needles, you will see almost no scars and cuts on the skin right after the surgery. We use this hair transplant method in eyebrow transplantation as well as in hair transplants in women.

There is a special approach for placement of the grafts into the pen implanter. Assisting personnel must set the convex part of the hair into the needle so that it looks towards the slot. This is how the needle tip is inserted into the skin. Using this advice, a doctor can implant the eyebrow hair in the maximum ‘natural’ way according to hair direction growth.

We do not recommend to apply the channel method for the eyebrow hair transplant because it does not give expected results. This is because it is difficult to identify direction angles and also, it leaves scars on the hair roots. Stick and place technique is appropriate for the eyebrow hair transplant too.

Depending on the hairless eyebrow area 100-400 single grafts can be transplanted to a single eyebrow.

Eyebrow Implant and Important Conditions

  • The eyelid and eyebrow areas get swelling and empurpling for a few days after the surgery. This is a completely natural effect. In 5-6 days the area gets back into a normal state. You can hide it with sunglasses first several days. Swelling and empurpling are usually met within people who sunbath a lot or at elders.
  • Eyebrow transplant is a great solution for those who have burn, surgery, accident, or similar scars in the area.
  • In many cases, permanent makeup causes pigment loss or color change, which is why eyebrow transplant is an excellent solution.
  • An operation doctor’s experience is very important because correcting improper eyebrow transplant is harder than usual transplantation
  • Diseases like Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HIV (AIDS) are definitely not an obstacle. The only thing is that if they are in the active phase, transplant surgery should be postponed. Blood must be checked before the operation. Eyebrow transplant is the same as brain surgery for HIV patients. The blood analysis helps to identify whether the disease is in an active or passive state. Operation doctor and his assistants must be very careful with these patients in terms of safety.
  • People from Africa and black people usually have very curly hair, eyebrow transplant may not be suitable for them. 

Eyebrow Wash After the Eyebrow Transplant

Care and wash after eyebrow transplant is much easier. Complete recovery finishes in 5-6 days. Pen implanter does not result in any bleeding. If the slots are washed by oxygenated water right after the surgery, a very clean look remains. We advise you to wash the eyebrow the next day after the surgery. You should use baby shampoo applying it very softly to not harm the hair. Moreover, regular face wash during the day with warm water helps to moisturize the area too. There is no need for a medical dressing after surgery. You can peel off the scabs by antibiotic or softening cream gently massaging it to the transplant area.

Eyebrow Transplant Video

You can find a lot of videos on the internet, especially on YouTube. The videos contain technical moments of the surgery, also, the Before and After images, and the eyebrow transplant results. You can check the eyebrow hair transplant video recorded by Dr. Hakan Doganay dated to 2011 below. The video shows how eyebrow transplants covered the scar area of a patient gone through a car accident.  Dr. Hakan Doganay has been successfully operating eyebrow transplantation for more than 10 years for both men and women. Video dates can serve you as evidence. To check more up to date eyebrow or hair transplant results you can subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also follow our pages on social media: Instagram and Facebook.

Eyebrow Transplant Reviews

Please contact us to get more information about our clinic’s eyebrow transplantation results. Get in touch with us for Before and After eyebrow transplant results. Before and After photos are very important. Both pictures should be made in high resolution and from different angles to provide a very clear image. To summarize, the eyebrow hair transplant is successfully done by the pen implanter technique.

Eyebrow Transplant Cost

What is the price of an eyebrow transplant? is one of the most important questions for people willing to undergo this procedure. If in a hair transplant the cost depends on the number of grafts, in the eyebrow it may not always be like that. Usually, depending on the threwless area approximately 200-800 grafts can be transplanted. It varies between 3.000 TL and 10.000 TL. A person who considers eyebrow transplantation should focus on other criteria as well despite the prices. These criteria are the experience of the surgeon, before and after hair transplant results, and the reputation of the clinic.

Contact us for a quote via the following phone number +90 533 247 1990. If you share your photos by WhatsApp, we will consult you online and provide eyebrow transplant cost with treatment plan. Dr. Hakan Doganay operates in Antalya, Turkey.

The eyebrow transplant prices outside of Turkey are comparatively high. For instance, in the US or Europe, the cost varies between 5.000 and 10.000 USD/EUR. This is why many people address our center for excellent quality transplants at an affordable price.


Eyebrow transplant increases a person’s self-confidence, especially when the case is trauma, burn, or car accident scars. The procedure should be operated professionally, this depends on the doctor’s skills, experience, and artistry. If you consider the eyebrow transplant, make sure that it is operated from the beginning to the end by a doctor. When you google the best hair transplant clinic, the internet gives you numerous places. Focus on a doctor, not on the clinic location or on what it promotes. A doctor’s experience is very significant in eyebrow transplants. We recommend you to request actual results, these are photos or videos of operated transplants.   

You can also study various hair transplant forums where you find feedback from people from different countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Eyebrow Transplant Done?

Only single and the thinnest grafts are taken from a donor area and transplanted by the Dhi technique to eyebrow hairless area. This procedure requires precise work to achieve an excellent outcome

How Long Does the Eyebrow Transplant Last?

The procedure lasts 1-2 hours due to a little number of grafts. You should protect yourself from direct sun rays a few months after the eyebrow transplant. Likewise, keep of the saunas and hammams during this time

Is Eyebrow transplant Natural?

If the listed above techniques are followed, the result of the surgery is a natural-looking eyebrow.

Is Eyebrow Transplant Illicit?

We cannot answer this question because we serve only as an operation part. You are better to address this question to people who acquire proper knowledge of your beliefs.

Does Smoking Affect the Eyebrow Transplant?

There is no connection between smoking and eyebrow transplants.

Who is the Best Eyebrow Transplant Doctor / Clinic?

The answer will depend on your search. We can only advise you to focus on what the center offers and actual pictures showing transplant results

Who Can Have the Eyebrow Transplanted?

Everybody is suitable for the eyebrow transplant except for people with metabolic problems.

What Should Be Done After the Eyebrow Transplant?

Since the transplanted grafts are extracted from head hair, they keep growing long on the eyebrow. This is why you need to cut them periodically. Your surgeon should provide you proper instructions in advance. Some sources state that the transplanted hair get adopted eventually. It is true that after some period the hair grows slower. You can fix the direction of newly grown hair with jell because sometimes ‘new’ hair may not grow in the proper direction.

Do the Transplanted Eyebrow Fall Out?

The transplanted eyebrow hair does not fall out because they are extracted from a strong and healthy donor area.

How Much Does Eyebrow Transplant Cost?

The cost of the eyebrow transplant in our clinic depends on the number of grafts. Send us your pictures and we will share our packages with you.

Do Eyebrow Transplants Keep Growing?

The transplanted grafts are harvested from head, thus they grow as long as they do on scalp skin. It is said that by the time transplanted hair growth adjusts eyebrow, however, there is no scientific data.

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