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Hair Transplant Doctor with 20 years of experience

AHD Hair Transplant Center Turkey

dr hakan doğanay

AHD Hair Transplant Center was founded by Dr. Hakan Doganay in 2003, in Antalya, Turkey.

Dr. Doganay has performed more than 5000 successful hair transplant surgeries up to 2022. On our official website you will find all the most important information about this procedure.

‘Alopecia is one of the important aesthetic problems in men. If the intense hair loss continues, medical procedures usually do not bring the desired result. In this case a FUE hair transplant is a radical solution.

Hakan Doganay,

Hair Transplant Doctor

In the near future, we will be publishing materials on this site detailing hair loss and medical treatment methods. You will also find technical information on specific topics such as eyebrow transplants, mustache and beard transplants, repair of failed hair transplants, hair transplants in women, body hair transplants (hair transplants from beard or chest to scalp), hair transplants on scars.

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All About Hair Transplant

You will find all information about hair transplants on our website.


Hair Transplant costs are an important criterion for those wishing to have a hair transplant. Contact us for hair transplant costs.

Natural Hairline

Follow us on our social media accounts for our before and after results. Contact us for the best hair transplantation results.

beard transplantation
Beard Transplant

Beard Hair Transplant has become even more widespread with the combination of the FUE method and implanter pen technique.

female hair transplant
Women Hair Transplant

In women, it is possible to obtain natural-looking results by unshaved hair transplantation with FUE method and DHI hair transplantation technique

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