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Hair Transplant From Beard to Head

The FUE hair transplant method has been developing rapidly since the 2000s. As a result, the hair transplant from the body to the hairless area on the head became very popular. One of its most famous applications is transplantation of grafts from a beard to the head. The purpose of this procedure is to increase hair reserve. Hair transplants from beard continue gaining demand from 2008. Due to our statistics, one patient out of five applying for the surgery in our clinic undergoes a hair transplant from beard to head.

Another advantage of beard hair is that it leads to a denser look due to being thicker than the follicles on the other body parts. Beard hair is a perfect solution for those who have poor donor area capacity. The second priority is given to the chest hair.

There are very few surgeons who transplant hair from the beard to the head. This proves that the procedure is complicated and requires certain skills. One of the best clinics for hair transplants from beard in Turkey is AHD. Dr. Hakan Doganay has been operating hair transplants from the beard to the head for more than 10 years, since 2009.

Why Hair Transplant from Beard?

Is hair transplant from a beard possible? Is beard hair suitable for transplant? Can beard hair be used in head hair implants? We used to hear these questions very often 10 years ago, nowadays, they are no more actual as the procedure became common.

6th or 7th-grade Norwood cases require around 8.000-10.000 grafts, sometimes, even more, to cover a hairless area. It is impossible to get such a big number from the back of the head. Otherwise, the nape donor area look is ruined, which can also be considered as a bad hair transplant. We have many patients applying for hair restoration, their nape donor area is damaged due to over-harvesting. The use of hair from other body parts became a perfect solution,  it is an additional donor hair reserve. Beard hair is the most suitable among them. Transplantation of grafts from the beard significantly contributes to the successful results.

In addition to that, this procedure is suitable for those patients who want to decrease the density of their beard. Sometimes, it is also preferred instead of laser epilation. Usually, beard hair is single-grafted but it is thicker than the hair on other body parts. This is one of the main advantages because thick hair can better cover hairless gaps. Compared to other hair, the beard is richer with anagen. In other words, it is more resistant against hair loss. Finally, beard hair grows faster.

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How Does Beard to Head Hair Transplant Work?

hair transplant from beard

Accurate planning is needed before starting the hair transplant surgery from the beard. Such factors as occupation, shaving, density, and the number of beard grafts should be examined first. People who shave daily due to the job requirements or style cannot use beard grafts. Candidates with stubble beard are lucky because it is suitable as a donor. Beard grafts extraction in men who shave every day can cause scars, especially when hair is not harvested homogeneously. Beard donor area planning starts with marking extraction zones. Later, anesthesia is injected into this area (anesthesia in the beard hurts more than on the head).

Chin and under the chin are the areas that hurt the most. We prefer partial anesthesia injection into donor and recipient areas instead of a single full local anesthesia. Once the skin is anesthetized, we extract grafts one by one by the FUE technique. Beard hair can be taken with both manual or automatic FUE. To efficiently extract grafts, a patient must have 1-2 day stubble. In other words, grafts cannot be collected from just shaven beard. We operate with both punches: manual and micro-motored. There is no difference between them, however, the automatic extraction leads to better results.

Things to Consider While Beard Hair Extraction

facial hair transplant

Thinning of beard hair must be made homogeneously. Otherwise, the operation leaves scars on the skin, which is an unpleasant complication. 0,7 mm punches are ideal for this procedure. Beard hair is more external than the head. Its depth is approximately 2 mm. This makes extraction comparatively easier. The doctor may need assistants to stretch the skin during hair collection. Another point worth mentioning is tongue and mouth numbness, fortunately, it passes in a couple of hours after the surgery.

We prefer collecting hair from under the chin and throat areas. It is better to avoid hair extraction from the chin and above the chin, only if very necessary.

We do not find appropriate transplanting hair from the nape and beard on the same day. We spare an additional day (the next day after the regular operation)  for the transplant from the beard. If both areas are operated during one day, anesthesia volume increases, which damages immunity.

Beard Hair Transplant to Scalp and its Knowhow

  • Under chin and throat areas are the most suitable for transplant. If possible, other zones, such above chin and face must be avoided.
  • A transplant from head and beard should be operated on different days. We usually schedule surgery for an additional day (next day after the regular operation).
  • Beard hair extraction is made by pen implanter (known as the Dhi hair transplant). Our clinic uses this technique

The below picture shows a beard before transplant and 10 days after surgery. 1.100 grafts were collected from under the chin and throat areas of the patient.

fue hair transplant from beard

As you noticed, if grafts are harvested homogeneously and properly, there are no significant scars or defects left.

Advantages of Beard to Head Hair Transplant

  • It is ideal for increasing hair rareness. Specially, when the hair is thin, beard hair is a great contribution.
  • Thick beard hair covers the hairless area more than ordinary.
  • Strong beard hair is more resistant against shock loss.
  • Homogeneous hair extraction from a very dense beard simplifies care (like shaving).
  • Beard follicles are stronger than hair in the vertex area (top of the head).
  • A hair transplant from the beard in Norwood 6-7 is our routine procedure. In these cases the hairless area is wide and requires an additional reserve.
  • Beard hair is not suitable for the frontal hairline. It disturbs the natural look, a random transplant in the rest recipient area is more suitable.
  • The hair number in the Anagen phase (production phase) in the beard area is much higher than in Telogen and Catagen (resting and demolition phase). Therefore, the implanted beard hair face shock loss less than the regular hair follicles.

Recovery Period of Beard to Head Hair Transplant

The Beard donor area recovers comparatively faster. The reason is the external location of its hair follicles. To extract a head hair we need to enter 3-4 mm under the skin. As for the beard, the entrance depth is only 2 mm. Patients can start shaving on the 4-5th day after the surgery. In 10 days there is no sign of transplants, the beard area completely recovers.  Men with white skin may face some redness. Another advantage is that there is no need for special care (shampoo, soap) for the beard. Wash with clean water is enough.

Beard hair is stronger than head hair in vertex. Implanted beard hair can also face shock loss. However, this shock hair loss is comparatively little. The lost hair regrows in four months. A desirable look usually appears in one year.

Videos of Hair Transplant From Beard

If you wonder how beard to head hair transplant work and how the grafts are collected, you can find answers in the video below. Note that the video was published in  2010, 10 years ago.

  • On our YouTube channel, you can find videos showing after surgery results as well as technical information of transplants from the beard.
  • Additionally, you can find results of our transplant on various Turkish and international forums. You are welcome to follow Dr. Hakan Doganay’s pages on these forums to be posted on the latest surgery results.

Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant Before and After

Results of hair transplants from the beard usually leave people smiling. It is worth mentioning that beard grafts are not a first priority option. This is a solution when the donor capacity of the nape is poor and not enough to cover the hairless area. However, if proper planning is made, beard hair can result in a natural head hair look. If you get in touch with us, we can provide you with results of before and after hair transplants from the beard. The beard hair usually becomes curly when it grows long, but 3-5 cm length does not bother the general look. As mentioned above, the beard hair is much thicker and stronger than usual, it faces shock loss in a lower range. 

Price of Hair Transplant from Beard

The cost of hair transplants from the beard is higher because it requires additional efforts and certain skills. Usually, the cost is calculated based on the number of grafts. We are happy to provide you with all details when you get in touch with us. Rates in Turkish clinics significantly vary.

The cost of current procedures differs between 5 and 10 EUR per graft all over the world. We advise patients to pay attention to the surgeon’s experience in transplants from the beard before the final consideration. Our clinic has been successfully operating hair transplants from beard since 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Grafts Can Be Collected From Beard?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. For example, the density of the beard or patient’s shaving frequency. 500 grafts can be extracted as well as 5.000. We used a maximum of 6.000 grafts, which may be a World record.

Are There Any Scars on the Beard After Hair Transplant?

Any medical intervention leaves traces, even if it is small. The most important is to make these scars slightly visible, so the patient feels comfortable about his beard area. Fortunately, in stubble beard men, no surgery traces are visible. Moreover, graft extraction from the beard operated homogeneously does not leave any visible scars. The scar risk decreases when 0.7 mm diameter punches are used. In black or dark-skinned men, the traces remain more notable. In this case, very few grafts should be collected, or beard hair use must be avoided at all.

Does Beard Hair Look Natural on the Head? Is it Curly?

Beard hair is not used in the frontal hairline. It perfectly suits the middle and back areas helping to increase the density. Beard hair implanted in certain areas results in a grinning look. This is why beard hair should be distributed homogeneously in the recipient area. It leads to dense and natural-looking results.

Is Beard Hair be Adopted?

If the procedure is operated according to the rules, most beard hair is adopted on the head. The results of these surgeries are quite successful.

Does Beard Hair Grow Long?

It grows the same way as on the beard, there are no length limits. Beard hair is the fastest growing hair on the men body.

Who is Suitable for Hair Transplants from Beard?

It is a good solution for those candidates, who maintain poor nape area capacity. This procedure is always a second option. It is applied only when the grafts on the back of the head donor area cannot cover the hairless zone.

Does the Beard Hair Regrow Instead of Extracted One?

Unfortunately, it does not . This is why the collection must be made homogeneously.

Does Hair Transplant from Beard to Head Hurt?

The most painful part is the chin. The pain depends on the individual pain resistance level. The procedure does not hurt at all after the application of local anesthesia.

Is Hair Transplant from Beard Permissible?

Unfortunately, we are not experts on this question. We only operate. You are better to address knowledgeable people in your beliefs. According to our personal research, there are no obstacles to this procedure in terms of religion.

Is the Jugular Vein (Artery) Injured While Hair Transplantation From the Beard?

This is impossible anatomically. The carotid artery (artery), which we call the jugular vein, is 3 cm deeper than the throat. The depth entered for the extraction of beard hair is 2-3 mm.


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