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Body Hair Transplant in Turkey

When there is not enough hair on the nape donor area, we can apply to body or chest hair using FUE. Body Hair Transplant is body hair transplantation to head. Hairlessness is a critical problem for most men. Those patients who have androgenic hair loss type and the head hair capacity is poor can refer to the chest hair. Donor (nape) area overharvesting with FUE causes bad hair transplants. In such cases, we can refer to patients’ chest, beard, and other body hair. Chest hair stands in third place after beard and head hair.

chest hair transplant

As FUE develops, chest hair transplant gains popularity. Since the rib cage is tough, hair extraction with FUE is so much easier. How is body hair transplant done? We are one of the few hair transplant clinics in Turkey that operate it. We do body hair transplant in 3-5% of cases.

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Body Hair Transplant (Pros and Cons)

It is worth mentioning that not all body hair is suitable for the transplant.

  • Thick and strong hair is the main criteria for the hair transplant from chest. Otherwise, the hair waste range grows. In other words, weak grafts have low survival chances.
  • Chest hair is usually single grafts. It benefits in density increase operations.
  • Anagen phase of the body hair is shorter compared to head hair (except for the beard). This is why hair follicles are shorter and weaker. Chest hair usually does not grow longer than 5-6 cm.
  • Chest hair is generally curly, which is why it is better to be transplanted to middle and back head areas.
  • Another advantage of body hair transplant is that a person can get rid of unwanted hair from the body. If you have hair deficiency and want to get rid of chest hair by laser epilation, we recommend you to consider hair transplant from chest to head. Chest hair is a golden reserve for Norwood 5 – 6 – 7 patients.
  • Scars after FUT transplant can also be covered with body hair.
  • Bad hair transplant restoration can be done with body hair as well.
  • Chest, abdomen, leg, back hair grows more horizontally than head hair. Hair transplant surgeon must be qualified and experienced enough to operate correctly.
chest hair transplant
body hair transplantation

Which Body Hair Can Be Used for Transplant?

  • A) Beard Hair (Hair Transplant from Beard): This is the first option in the body hair transplant. We described all details on hair transplant from the beard page. One patient out of five undergoes this surgery in our clinic.
  • B) Hair Transplant from Chest: We can also add abdomen and leg hair to this group.
  • C) Other Body Hair: Armpit hair, genital area, back, shoulder, and leg hair: We do not practice these body hair transplant. It is hard to extract soft tissue hair and also their survival rate is comparatively low. Genital hair may be used for eyebrow transplants. Chest and other body hair are transplanted to the head. Dr. Umar from the US is quite successful in hair transplant from legs to head.

How is Hair Transplant from Chest Done?

There is no difference in hair extraction from the nape or chest. Areas are anesthetized locally. In very rare cases clinics worldwide do general anesthesia. Our clinic has never done it. We operate with local anesthesia, however, this is not a disadvantage.

As hair roots are connected to certain nerves, local anesthesia dose is small. Every square centimeter is selected carefully. This whole procedure decreases daily grafts extraction number because only certain anesthesia doses are allowed.

Tension on body parts like chest and legs is called turgor, it is less compared to the head. This is why serum physiologic is injected into the chest, legs, abdomen to extract grafts easily. Otherwise, grafts collection get complicated and roots may be damaged. Moreover, hair roots in these areas are located 3-4 mm deep. Hair extraction from the body differs from the regular (from the head). If the doctor is experienced enough, grafts damage and wastage range decreases.

We harvest 500-1.500 grafts per day from the chest. Collecting more than 1.500 grafts from the chest is incorrect. If a bigger graft number is planned to be transplanted, the operation must be split into several days. This is also correct in terms of the patient’s health. Moreover, spot anesthesia is more suitable for the chest rather than the whole chest.

If you plan to go through a body hair transplant, we recommend you to take Minoxidil during a certain time before the operation. Such solution as Topical will help to increase anagen in the donor area.

Body hair extraction, once anesthetized, is the same as the regular FUE extraction. While extraction the doctor must pay attention to the growing angle of chest hair. Chest hair is shorter compared to the head. Another point is that the doctor must adjust proper depth. Finally, to simplify the procedure physiologic serum can be injected. We have been pretty successful in this procedure with the Dhi hair transplant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Chest Hair Grow?

Chest hair does not grow limitless as head hair or beard. Usually it grows till a maximum of 5-6 cm.

Can the Hair be Transplanted to a Complete Bald Patient?

There should be a logical rate between bald area and grafts number. If a nape donor is not enough, other body hair can be used. This decision is made together with a doctor after physical examination.

Can Bikini Hair Be Transplanted?

It is possible theoretically. Although there were no successful results in practice. Sometimes genital hair is used for eyebrow transplant in women.

How Much Does A Body Hair Cost?

Chest hair extraction is a long and complicated procedure. Since the limited grafts number can be collected in a day the general operation cost increases.

Does Chest Hair Stay Forever?

If the donor hair is strong and does not fall out, the same happens with transplanted hair. Weak grafts do not remain on the head for a long period.

How Many Chest Grafts Can Be Extracted?

This depends on the hair quality and density. Approximately 3.000 – 4.000 grafts can be collected from the chest.

Are There Any Scars After Chest Hair Extraction?

All medical interventions leave big or small scars. It is not correct to say that there will be no scars. The most important is to collect grafts homogeneously.

What Should be Done With Chest Hair Before Transplant?

Minoxidil application to chest hair during one month together with shaving will help your doctor to select the strongest hair.

Does All Chest Hair Grow?

No. Unfortunately, chest hair adaptation is not 100%. The hair quality plays a main role here.

How Long Does Chest Hair Recovery Last?

Recovery progresses the same way as regular small wounds. The area is cured in 1 week.

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