6000 grafts hair transplant

6000 Grafts Hair Transplant

Our patient is 32 years old man with Norwood 6 hair loss. The hair on the donor is black and strong. He is a suitable candidate for a hair transplant. We planned 6000 grafts of hair transplantation for the patient. The operation was divided into 2 sessions. Firstly, the hair grafts were harvested from the donor area by the FUE method. Collected grafts were then transplanted using the dhi. The graft distribution of our patient is as below:

  • Single : 2066
  • Double : 1665
  • Multiple : 434
  • Density: 1,6

In total, 6005 grafts were transplanted. The thread shows pictures of before and after hair transplant. The recovery completed in 18 months. Our patient was very satisfied with the natural result.

How Much Area Do 6000 Grafts Cover?

It is possible to get a successful result in Norwood 5-6 type hair loss with 6000 grafts. If 40-50 grafts are implanted in 1 cm2, the 120-150 cm2 balding area can be restored with 6000 grafts.

How Much Does 6000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost?

The price for 6000 grafts hair transplantation in Turkey can highly vary. Reputable and experienced doctors charge per graft. However, it is also possible to have transplants done by technicians without a doctor, at very cheap prices. You may be offered a price between 2000-12.000 Euros for 6000 grafts transplantation in Turkey. In comparison, in the USA, the cost is 25,000-30,000 USD. In European countries such as England, Germany, the price varies between 12.000-20.000 euros.

In the AHD clinic we charge per graft. Our prices include accommodation, transfer, and medications given after the operation. If you want natural hair transplant results, contact us for an appointment at Dr. Hakan Doganay.

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  1. Hi, i just want to come for one day to learn DHI technique at your clinic. Please let me know if you can offer it or not? What will be the fee or charges. I am a medical doctor and practice in Pakistan

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