4000 grafts before after

4000 Grafts Hair Transplant

Our patient suffers from Norwood 4 hair loss and he is 30 years old. Doctor considered to transplant 4000 grafts in 2 session/days after physical examination. 21000 grafts were transplanted the first day and the rest 1900 the second. Patient’s father and siblings go through intense hair loss. Donor area quality is average, hair is black.

Hair Transplant 4000 Grafts Before and After

4000 grafts may cover a maximum area of 70-100cm2. If 40 grafts is implanted in every cm2, coverage area for 4000 grafts will be 100cm2.

Here are the results achieved in one year after the operation in photos and video.

How Many Hair is 4000 Grafts?

Usually the ratio of graft to hair vary between 1.5 – 2.5. The question is individual for each patient. Around 6000 to 9000 hair may come out of 4000 grafts. The question is individual for every patient, total hair number depends on its quality.

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