Hair Transplantation Before and After

Before and after hair transplant photos are important for patients. One of their most searched topics is hair transplant results before and after and hair transplant costs in Turkey. Unfortunately, not all results provided by search machines on the internet are genuine. The majority of the hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide only good results. However, publishing hair transplant results on corporate websites is restricted by laws. This is why we would recommend you to check the hair transplant forums, where genuine people publish their experiences and actual results

When can I check the before and after hair transplant results?

When Can the Hair Transplant Results Be Seen?

The period after hair transplants is the most difficult for the patients. 18 months should pass to achieve a complete hair transplant result. Here are after hair transplant stages in brief:

  • In about 15-20 days start shock loss
  • The fallen hair starts regrowing back in 4-5 months. First hair is weak.
  • In 6 months around 50-60% of the hair grows. This is an individual to each person issue.
  • In 7-8  months the hair gets stronger.
  • In one year 90-95% of the hair grows.
  • To reach the 100% hair transplant result 18 months should pass.

We recommend you to not skip these stages and check them together with hair transplant photos before and after.

What Must I Pay Attention to Before and After Hair Transplant Photos?

There are some objective criteria to keep in mind while checking the before and after hair transplant results, these are:

  • Pictures must be in high resolution.
  • Hair transplant before and after photos must be taken under the same light. If possible, during the same day time.
  • Photos are shooted under the same angle.
  • Some hair transplant clinics post photoshopped photos.
  • While checking hair transplant before and after results, pay attention to the patients’ details such as age, story, and transplanted grafts number.
  • Hair transplant videos will give you more genuine information.

Before and After Hair Transplant in Detail

We recommend you to focus on the donor area as well. mainly, patients’ attention is on the recipient area

before hair transplant

Before Hair Transplant: Before and After shaving photos are important. Moreover, photos of dry and wet hair help us a lot as well. Once the hair is wet, the hairless area comes out more clearly. The next step is hairline design according to face traits and hair transplant plan. This is graft calculation for every square centimeter. We recommend you to pay attention to this stage as well.

Immediately After Hair Transplant (Day 0): Transplanted grafts look a little bit blood. According to our experience, the look is much clear and better when pen implanter is used.

hair transplant after days 2

Day 1-2. Before and After the First Hair Wash: The most critical period is the first 48-72 hours after the operation. You must be careful and avoid any nobs to your head. Our clinic does the first wash the next day after hair transplants. Some centers leave it to the 3rd day. Later on, you must do the hair wash twice a day. The donor area gets cured fastly. You may have some swelling in 2 days after the operation, which passes. Since in pen implanter operation physiologic solution is not injected, there is no serious swelling.

10 Days After Hair Transplant: All skin scabs are cleaned out by 8-10th day. Patients usually face a happy period on this stage, hair looks dence and quite long (3rd shave number). If your scabs remain unclean by 12th day, you need to get in touch with your hair transplant center.

Shock Loss

Transplanted hair starts falling out in 15-20 days after the operation. This is also an individual issue. Shock loss continues till 45-50th day. The loss range also varies from patient to patient. Ones lose 90-100% of their hair, while others only 5-10%. We explained this period in detail on the after hair transplant page.  

1 Month After Hair Transplant (30 days): Shock loss progresses. This is the most frustrating period in before and after hair transplant. You may also face redness in the recipient area. It is often met in light skin people and lasts about 2-3 months.

3 Months After Hair Transplant: Shock loss ended together with redness. During this period you may have pimples on the skin. If their volume is big, you must contact your hair transplant doctor with the problem. The hair starts growing finally.

4 Months After Hair Transplant: Transplanted hair continues growing. By the end of 4th month you will have 20-30% of hair out. This hair is usually thin and weak. It also may be curly but will get to normal later.

6 Months After Hair Transplant (180 days): Usually 50-60% of hair grows by this time. Sometime, have almost all hair grown.

End of 7 Months: In 210 days your hair will get dense and strong. Normally, about 70-80% of the hair is out on this stage.

1 Year After Hair Transplant

Around 95% of the hair is grown. Most of the recovery period is in the back

18 Months After Hair Transplant: The recovery period is completed totally.

If the donor area is overharvested or grafts were extracted not homogeneously, the result is a bad hair transplant. This is why it is important to identify the proper number of grafts for the donor area.

The described above after hair transplant stages may not be similar to everybody. We provide general information. For example, a patient who faces little shock loss may have 80-90% of the hair grown by 4th month. In rare cases, patients must wait all 18 months to get the final result.