best hair transplant clinic

Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Although there is no definition like a hair transplant clinic in Turkey within the legal status of the Ministry of Health, it is a well-established concept in the hair transplant sector. At the beginning of 2000, the hair transplant started gaining popularity. Centers were called a hair transplant clinics and were a part of beauty centers. Later on, with the abolition of beauty centers, hair transplant clinics also lost their status.

ahd hair transplant clinic team
Ahd Hair Transplant Clinic Team

Nowadays, the number of legal and illegal hair transplant in Turkey is growing rapidly. They are classified here as follows:

  • Surgeon. A health clinic that was built by a single or several doctors.
  • Clinics. The Ministry of Helth permits polyclinics that used to be beauty centers to do the hair transplants.
  • Hospitals and Surgical Medical Institutions. Hair transplant clinic can be established and work at any hospital or medical institution. In this case, one of the most important factors is an operation doctor.
  • Under the Counter. These organizations do not have the authority of any medical institutions. Moreover, sometimes, there is no doctor. However, they possess themself as a professional center in the internet and media. These under the counter places usually have a rented doctor’s diploma as a formality to present the Health Ministry audit. Sometimes, the centers are located in luxurious hospitals. Their promotion is focused on number, they operate up to 50-60 people a day. Even if these centers are set in the hospitals, they still behold an under the counter status. You will never meet an operation doctor here. Can you imagine 60  hair transplant surgeries operation during a day? In the Turkish hair transplant sector, these companies are added to the blacklist on the following website ISHRS. The under the counter places gained rapid fame after the transition from the FUT hair transplant method to the FUE.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

How to chose the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey?

  • Study the background of the hair transplant in Turkey. Learn how long it is in the market.
  • Request samples of before and after results, moreover, ask for actual, real cases.
  • Ask the center questions like Who will do the hair transplant surgery? On which stages will the doctor operate? What is the experience of assisting personnel? How qualified is it?
  • The place of the hair transplant in Turkey is also very important.  Pay attention to the center to be a legal health institution, stay away from under the counter clinics.
  • The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey is an official health institution that will provide you correct information and share before and after results avoiding exaggerated unreal promises.
  • Choose a place where you will get support after the hair transplant is done.

Licensed Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

According to current legal legislation, hair transplants can be operated by three groups of physicians, these are:

  1. Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist
  2. Dermatology Specialist
  3. The Doctor Having Medical Aesthetics Certificate: According to the Beauty Centers regulations dated to 2003, these are the doctors who attended courses and gained a ‘Medical Aesthetic Certificate’ issued by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry stopped issuing Medical Aesthetic Certificates in 2006. This caused a problem for those doctors who want to operate the hair transplants but are not Aesthetic Surgery and Dermotholody Specialists.

To realize the hair transplant activities at polyclinics, hospitals, surgery clinics, these 3 groups of doctors can obtain permission from the Health Department. The Ministry of Health does not authorize specialists in the clinics to do the hair transplants. Unfortunately, this leads to many doctors tending to work illegally. In our opinion, every doctor who maintains a medical diploma and took appropriate education can get a permit to operate the hair transplants. The hair transplant is an independent sector. Surgeons, who meet certain requirements can join the World’s biggest hair transplant community THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF HAIR RESTORATION SURGERY  ( We hope that our Ministry of Health will find a solution to the current situation in the country.

Is There Any Hair Transplant Branch/Specialization?

This is a fictitious specialization in our country. There is no such medical faculty as hair transplants in the world. ‘’Hair Transplants Specialist’ is a status that was created on business cards in the printing houses. Nurses, paramedics, other people in the health industry, or sometimes, people who have no connection to medicine can acquire these business cards. Places, where people like this work, are definitely under the counter. They usually have very attractive websites and beautiful pictures to hunt for customers. After all, the hair transplant operated by these people is illegal. Moreover, some centers will offer you the assistance of the so-called ‘hair transplant coordinator’ which is also a false specialization. You are better to consults with the doctor who is going to do the procedure.

Hair Transplant Guarantee in Turkey

Do not forget that wherever you address, whichever hair transplant you apply to, the hair is transplanted from your donor area. Therefore, a large hair extraction scale (larger than the donor area capacity allows) is not correct. If your donor area can give 3.000 grafts but you have been promised to transplant 7-8.000, then stay away from that place. In addition to bad hair transplant results, you will get a defected donor area.

Be careful with places that guarantee you a perfect result after two sessions.

Remember that the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer relatively high prices. There can be a huge difference between hair transplant cost in Turkey. You will be able to find at least several options based on your budget.

The hair transplant clinic of the celebrities may sound good but not every result is successful. There are many examples when the celebrities were disappointed with the hair transplants.

Is There Any Hair Transplant Guarantee?

Some hair transplant in Turkey issue hair transplant guarantee documents that are equal to a blank paper which has no legal power. Let us not forget that the hair transplant is a surgical intervention. Nobody can give a warranty for surgical intervention. Imagine that you need gallbladder surgery, no doctor can give you a certificate of warranty. Your doctor will provide you with instructions, brochures, and information about the procedure. Later, if you make a decision, he will operate you.

There are many advertisements talking about ‘guaranteed hair transplant’ or issuing ‘hair transplant warranty’ in our country. Unfortunately, they are only promotion strategies which in some way are abusive. You can refer it to quackery directed to the naivety of the people.

We googled the hair transplant warranty and downloaded the very first picture. We omitted the center’s logo, name, address, and name of the patient. What is written on the document? ‘’… to our patient… with hair transplant clinic assurance… date… 4.500 hair grafts were transplanted. The procedure finished successfully. We wish our patient well-being’. This is the so-called warranty.

Hair Transplant Guarantee

Who Does the Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Operation is done by the Doctor from the Beginning to the End A doctor can make only one surgery per day, he operates from the beginning to the end. The medical intervention of the assisting personnel is absent. It only helps to sort the grafts, shave patients, and do other preparations besides medical. If there is a big number of grafts, then the surgery may last up to 3-4 days and the cost rises accordingly.

Operation is done by the Doctor and His Assistants. Grafts extraction, channel opening (classic FUE), and hair roots implants are part of a long and complicated hair transplant procedures. Operation responsibilities are divided between the doctor and the personnel trained by him. For example, in the classic FUE method, a doctor can extract the grafts and open the channels while assistants do the implant. Or vice versa, in the Dhi, the assistants extract roots, open channels, in the meantime, the doctor does implantation. There are many varieties of shared surgery. This type of hair transplant is popular in our country as well as overseas.

The Doctor Does not Participate the Surgery Actively but is Responsible For His Team: Usually, the doctor does not participate in the surgery, in this case, he only manages. However, he is responsible for the outcome in front of the patient. This approach allows a center to operate 3-5 hair transplants a day. The cost is calculated totally, independently from grafts number.

Operation Without Doctor: We call these places under the counter. No surgeon is present during the surgery. The procedure is done by a medical crew from the beginning to the end (by nurses, sanitarians, anesthetists). Sometimes, there is personnel that is not connected to the medical division at all. These centers usually promote themselves by fancy websites with beautiful photoshopped pictures and diplomas. Others rent inactive or retired doctors’ diplomas for the formality to present during the Government’s audit. If you get in touch with this kind of center, you will most likely speak to ‘hair transplants specialist’ or ‘hair transplants coordinator’. Behind these big talks and statuses, there are retired police officers, paramedics, artists, aestheticians, and other people with professions that are not related to the sector. Still, there may be some nurses within them.

You will never know how much experience the person operating you has. It may be 3-5 years, if you are unlucky, it can be 1-2 days. These places usually operate up to 60 hair transplants per day. They have agents abroad promoting to foreigners that get a commission for patients. The main idea of these centers is very low cost. They rent a floor at some fancy hospital, moreover, some of them locate in villas. The luxury appearance of the centers creates an image of a qualitative place in the eyes of the patients.  This kind of center prioritizes minimum expenses and maximum profit. The is no graft policy at all. In general, they stand by slogans like ‘unlimited grafts transplants’ or ‘transplant of whatever comes out’.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Institution that gives you scientifically correct information is the best hair transplant in Turkey. The clinic’s doctor must have a good reputation and rank, moreover, he should make you feel safe.

How to Chose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Is there a doctor? Will he participate in the surgery? Are you told something like ‘the doctor is supervising your hair transplant’ or ‘we have a discount now, let’s do the hair transplant immediately’? Are you asked to come for an examination to check if you are suitable for the hair transplant? You will find the best hair transplant in Turkey when you get answers and analyze these questions.

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