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The cost of hair transplants is one of the main questions for people who are considering a surgical hair restoration. They usually begin their research on hair transplants by first looking at prices. No matter what our income is, when we buy any product, we first compare prices. It’s the same with hair transplant operation, and the wide variety of rates is confusing. For example, the prices for hair transplants in Istanbul are quite low. There are different criteria that can affect the cost of hair transplants.

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How is the Hair Transplant Cost Calculated?

9 major criteria are determining the cost of the hair transplant:

1) The doctor and the cost of the hair transplant brand
2) Who supervises the operation?
3) Number of grafts to be transplanted
4) Type of surgery
5) Type of donor region
6) City and district of the centre
7) VIP and paramedical services
8) Campaigns
9) Transport costs

Depending on these 9 factors, prices vary from one clinic to another. Let’s look wider at these 9 factors.

1. The doctor and the cost of the hair transplant brand

It is one of the most important criteria. People want the doctor who performs the operation to be an experienced and trusted who has a reputation in the field, which is quite natural. As in the whole world, the hair transplantation prices of recognised doctors who have trusted names in their field in our country are above the general prices. Just as a medium-class car cannot be bought at the cost of a luxury Mercedes, this is the case with hair transplant fees. In order to give you an idea about this issue, we recommend you to examine the page of the Association of Hair Transplant Physicians of Turkey and the member doctors of this association. There are only 20 doctors accepted to this association in Turkey. Have you ever thought why only 20? However, there are many doctors who are mentioned in the hair transplantation sector. Do not think of advertising promotion when it comes to brand importance.

2. Who supervises the operation?

You might say – of course a doctor. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We have answered this question in detail in our article on hair transplant centers. Here, however, we will share some brief information. Every day about 2.000 hair transplant procedures are performed in Turkey. It is not possible to do so many by local doctors. Therefore, 4 different applications have been developed in Turkey. Here they are:

  • a) Doctor Supervises the Surgery from the Beginning to the End: Auxiliary staff do not perform any medical intervention, they only assist the doctor in non-medical tasks such as haircutting, washing, and ordering follicles. The fee is determined per graft. Naturally, hair transplantation prices will be quite high in such procedures. The prices of doctors performing this type of transplantation in the world are at the level of 10-15 dollars per graft. In our country, the fees of physicians performing this type of transplantation vary between 2.5-3 Euros per graft. Only 1 hair transplant is performed per day.
  • b) Doctor and His Assistants Operate the Transplant: b) The doctor and his assistants carry out the transplantation: Hair extraction, canal opening, implantation and other medical interventions are performed by the doctor and his assistants. This type of surgery is practiced both in the world and in our country. The cost of this surgery in Turkey varies from 1 to 2.5 EUR/USD per graft. A maximum of two hair transplants can be performed per day.
  • c) There is a Doctor but Surgery is Performed by His Team: The doctor does not intervene in the operation, he only checks, advises the staff, and sometimes uses local anesthesia. The doctor is responsible for the patient. Three to five operations can be carried out per day. The cost calculation is usually independent of the number of grafts. The average price ranges from 7,000-10,000 TL.
  • d) Transplant without a Doctor (there is a Diploma of a Doctor for Formality): These centers can be called at the very bottom. There is no doctor there and some kind of diploma is rented to pass the exams at the Ministry of Health. Such Such centers can perform up to 60 operations in one day. Their aim is to do as many transplants as possible to make money. Usually, the cost of surgery in these places ranges from 2,500 to 5,000 TL. There is no transplant policy. They advertise maximum volume hair transplants, claiming that they can transplant all suitable hair.

3. Number of grafts to be transplanted

The number of grafts implanted must be proportional to the total number of grafts. We have already talked about graft meaning in our other article. Some centers determine prices based on the number of grafts, others use grading (small, medium, large) operation to calculate the cost. Some centers offer an unlimited number of hair grafts, distinguishing themselves by a single price. We advise to be cautious about the clinic offering unlimited hair transplants. Our center does not consider it reasonable to transplant more than 2,000-2,500 grafts per day. The surgery lasts 5-6 hours. Performing one operation per day is important for the health of the grafts. If the total number of days is increased, the price also increases.

Another question that concerns the patient during the hair transplant examination is the number of grafts that can be implanted. The previously prepared online table for calculating the number of grafts can help you figure this out. However, the best option is to consult with the surgeon at the center or clinic. If you are out of the country or city, you can contact him or her by phone, WhatsApp or e-mail.

4. Type of surgery

In 2020 we don’t talk about FUT in Turkey at all, while it is still widely practiced in the US. The price of FUE or FUT varies abroad. What about in Turkey? In most clinics, only FUE is practiced. Several types of FUE, such as classic FUE, “No-shave” hair transplant and DHI, are also widely practiced in the country. The cost depends on the type of surgery. We prefer pen implanter, the implant needles are disposable and quite expensive. In contrast, there is the canal method, which is comparatively cheaper.

5. Condition of donor area

Usually hair between the two ears is used for hair transplants. If there is not enough hair in this donor area, hair from the beard or other parts of the body can also be transplanted. Beard and other hair transplants are complicated and require more care. These additional operations increase the price.

6. City and district of the hair transplant clinic

A center in an elite area offers higher prices than places of lower economic level. Another factor is the clinic or hospital where the center is located. For example, prices for hair transplants in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya are higher than in cities with smaller populations or in Eastern Turkey. Usually, hospitals that host the center charge a rent for each hair transplant patient after each operation. In our country, there is a significant price difference between the West and the East.

7.VIP and Paramedical services

The cost of transplant surgery is also affected by services such as accommodation, transfers, laboratories and other post-operative essentials (such as medicines or shampoo). Some centers provide these services free of charge or partly paid for, while others do not include anything. In addition, a PRP session after surgery also adds to the cost. This is why you need to consider all of the factors listed above in order to correctly price yourself.

8.Special Offers

As in every sector, prices for hair transplants can vary from period to period. We advise you to be cautious of exaggerated advertisements. It is better to go to a center that has medical qualifications.

9.Transport Costs

Transportation involves an airplane, train, bus, or personal vehicle. Any type of transportation used additıonally to get to the city where the clinic is located ıs covered by the patient.

What are the Average Hair Transplant Cost?

hair transplant price

Hair transplant cost widely vary in our country the same as abroad. Usually, they are offered in TL or EUR. Sometimes the rate is given based on grafts number, in other cases,  there is a single price of the whole procedure. Depending on the number of grafts the cost of this surgery ranges from 3.000 to 15.000 TL. As for pricing based on graft, the cost in Turkey differs from 1 EUR to 3,5 EUR.

How Much Do Hair Transplants Cost Around the World?

The average hair transplant prices abroad are much higher than in Turkey. Usually, the price per graft is offered. It varies from 1 EUR to 15 EUR for a graft. For example, transplanting 3.000 grafts may cost from 3.000 EUR up to 45.000 EUR. Due to this expensiveness, hair transplant in Turkey gained great popularity. The leaders in the sector are Antalya and Istanbul hair transplant centers, where the majority of patients are foreigners. People from Arabian countries prefer Istanbul, while Russian citizens come to Antalya. Around 1.000 hair transplant surgeries are operated in Istanbul daily.

Advices Concerning the Prices

  • Hair transplants are not an emergency.
  • Try to find out prices at four or five other places.
  • Try not to count on the cheapest option
  • The most expensive places don’t always guarantee quality
  • Тhere should be confidence along with price and quality
  • Transplants like beard, eyebrow, hair transplant in women cost more than classic transplant, which is reasonable.
  • Some centers sell extra products (like the shampoo) after surgery. Such centers may insist to use the products they offer, claiming that they help you achieve a more successful result. We advise you to be careful, because this is not true.
  • You should evaluate your budget and quality
  • FUE-supported PRP. Sometimes PRP stimulates hair growth, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, the results of this procedure should not be exaggerated.
  • Hair transplants are not covered by private health insurance. Moreover, The State health insurance does not consider it either.
  • You can get more information on hair transplant forums, where people who have undergone this surgery share their reviews.
  • No guarantee document is provided for hair transplants. There is no warranty for any medical procedure. The surgery is not like purchasing a television set.
  • Try to stay away from centers offering microfue, gold fue, and icefue hair transplant techniques. These methods do not exist, they are just a play on words for promotion purposes. The FUE hair transplant is the only method.

Where Should I Have My Hair Transplant?

It is better to focus on a doctor who will operate your hair transplant rather than a center. The following criteria will help you to make a healthy decision:

  1. The transplant center should have all legal documents and permissions. We give detailed information about the legality of the center in our hair transplant centers article.
  2. Study the history of the transplant center and its reputation. You should also choose a clinic that will support you after the operation. It is very crucial to get good help in post-surgery phases.
  3. Check the Before and After Photos of the center. Moreover, if possible, request to examine the real examples.

Which Hair Transplant Center Should I Choose?

We will share with you a simple approach to checking centers. If you try it, you will see how convenient it is. Type the words “hair transplant” or “hair transplant center” into Google. Write out the first 15-20 numbers of clinics from the results you get. Then call these centers, letting them know that you want a hair transplant and are interested in the cost.
You will immediately hear a price from the person on the other line. Chances are he/she will tell you that there is a special offer/discount. In other words, they give you a price without seeing your pictures or knowing your situation. We advise you to cross such a center off your list. If a clinic asks for photos or invites you in for an exam to see if you are a good fit for a hair transplant, it means they are professional. You should keep them on your list. Try to call toll-free numbers, as toll-free numbers can bother you with advertisements or SMS.

Why are the Hair Transplant Cost Differ?

When researching prices, you must consider these two statements:
1) If you buy cheap, you’ll pay more later
2) I have money, but I shouldn’t spend it.
The hair transplant patient has undergone an effort to earn his money. Therefore, it is everyone’s natural right to spend it in the best and most ergonomic way possible. We have shared with you a detailed guide on how to approach the cost of surgery. We hope it helps you.

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