Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost is one of the major issues for people who consider the operation. They usually start studying hair transplant questions with rates. No matter what our income is when purchasing any product, we firstly compare the prices. The same works for hair transplant and the great diversity of the rates is confusing. For example, prices of hair transplant in Istanbul are quite low. There are different criteria which determine hair transplant cost. It is legally prohibited by the Government in our country to publish hair transplant costs on the websites.

Our Price List

2/€  Per Graft
All Operation Option
1-3 days
2200 €
Up to 2500 grafts
1 day
2800 €
Between 2500-4000 grafts
2 days
3300 €
More than 4000 grafts
2-3 days
Dr. Hakan Doganay does the hair transplant operation by himself
Medicine : Free
Accommodation : Free
Transport : Free
AHD Team does the operation under the supervision of Dr. Hakan Doganay
Medicine : Free
Accommodation : Free
Transport : Free
AHD Team does the operation under the supervision of Dr. Hakan Doganay
Medicine : Free
Accommodation : Free
Transport : Free
AHD Team does the operation under the supervision of Dr. Hakan Doganay
Medicine : Free
Accommodation : Free
Transport : Free

How is the Hair Transplant Cost Calculated?

9 major criteria are determining the cost of the hair transplant:

  1. Hair transplant doctor and the marque value
  2. Who operates the transplantation?
  3. Number of the grafts for implanting
  4. Type of the operation
  5. Donor area type
  6. City and location of the center
  7. VIP and paramedical assistance
  8. Special offers
  9. Transport costs

These 9 factors influence the formation of the total cost. Let us study each of them.

1. Hair Transplant Doctor and the Marque Value

This is one of the major criteria. People who consider hair transplants always tend to address a doctor with a certain reputation and experience. They choose a doctor they trust, which is quite reasonable. As in other countries, in Turkey, the prices of the qualified doctor remain higher than regular. You can compare hair transplant pricing logic with one in cars, Mercedes versus a middle-class car. We advise you to visit the page of the Turkish Hair Transplant Doctors Association to get more data. There are only 20 doctors in Turkey who are accepted into this association. Why only 20? Even though there are a lot of popular hair transplant doctors in the country, not all of them are qualified enough. In this case marque value is not an advertisement, it is a status.

2. Who Operates the Transplantation?

You would probably say – the doctor, of course. Unfortunately, it is not always like this. We answered this question in detail in our article about the hair transplant centers. Here we share brief information. Approximately 2.000 hair transplant surgeries are made daily in Turkey. It is not possible to operate this high number of surgeries by local doctors. This is why 4 different applications were developed in Turkey. Here they are:

  • a) Doctor Operates the Surgery from the Beginning to the End: Surgical assistance of the personnel is excluded, it only helps with hair shaving, washing, roots order. In other words, activities which are not medical intervention. The cost in this case is determined per a single graft. Usually, this type of operation is the most expensive. The average price worldwide is 10-15 USD per graft. In Turkey, it varies from 2,5 to 3 EUR. Only one hair transplant can be done per day.
  • b) Doctor and His Assistants Operate the Transplant: Hair extraction, channel opening, implant, and other medical interventions are performed by a doctor and his assistants. This type of surgery is practiced in the World as we as in our country. The cost of this operation in Turkey varies from 1 to 2,5 EUR / USD per graft. A maximum of two hair transplants can be done a day.
  • c) There is a Doctor but Surgery is Performed by His Team: The doctor does not interfere with the operation, he only checks, consults the personnel, and sometimes apply local anesthesia. The doctor is responsible for the patient. 3-5 surgeries can be done per day. In this case, usually cost calculation does not depend on grafts number. The average price differs between 7.000-10.000 TL.
  • d) Transplant without a Doctor (there is a Diploma of a Doctor for Formality): These centers can be referred to as the very bottom places. There is no doctor and some Diploma is rented to appeal to the Helth Ministry examinations. These centers can operate up to 60 surgeries per single day. Their purpose is to do as many transplants as possible to earn money. Usually, the cost of the surgery in these places varies from 2.500 to 5.000 TL. There is no graft policy. They promote maximum volume hair transplants stating that they can transplant all appropriate hair.

3. Graft Number for Implant

The number of implanted grafts should be proportional to the general number of grafts. We identify what graft is in our other article. Some centers determine prices based on the number of grafts, while others use categorization (small, middle, wide transplant) to calculate the cost. Some centers offer unlimited hair grafts transplant standing out with a single price. We advise approaching carefully to the clinic which offers unlimited hair transplants. Our center does not find appropriate to transplant more than 2.000-2.500 grafts per day. The operation lasts 5-6 hours. Doing one surgery per a day is important for the health of the grafts. When the total number of days increases, the price goes up as well.

The other question that a patient worry about during the hair transplant research is grafts number he/she can implant. To understand this, the previously prepared online graft calculation table will help you. Yet, the best option is to consult with the operation doctor at the center. If you are outside of the country or city, you can contact through phone, WhatsApp, or email.

4. Type of Operation

In 2020 we do not talk about the FUT in Turkey at all, while in the USA it is still extensively practiced. The price of the FUE or FUT is different abroad. What about Turkey? In most hospitals, only the FUE technique is operated. There are also several types of it widely practiced in the country, such as classic FUE, unshaven hair transplant, and the Dhi. The cost depends on the operation type. We prefer pen implanter, the implanter needles are single-use and quite expensive. In opposite to this, there is a channel method which costs comparatively lower. 

5. Donor Area Type

Usually, the hair between two ears is served for hair transplantation. If the hair in this donor area is not enough, beard or other body parts hair can be transplanted additionally. Transplant of beard and other hair is complicated and requires more care. These supplementary operations cause a price increase.

6. City and Location of the Center

Center in luxury districts offers higher prices compared to economically lower level places. Another factor is a clinic or hospital where the center is established. For example, hair transplant prices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya are higher than in the cities with less population or in Eastern Turkey. Usually, hospitals, where the center is located, get a rent payment from every hair transplant patient after each surgery. There is a significant price difference in our country between West and East.

7.VIP and Paramedical Assistance

The transplant surgery cost also influenced by services such as accommodation, transfers, laboratories, and other necessities used after the operations (such as medicine or shampoo). Some centers provide these services free of charge or partially paid, while others do not include anything. Additionally, the PRP session after surgery also increases the cost. This is why you need to take into consideration all factors listed to approach the price correctly.

8.Special Offers

As in every sector prices of the hair transplant may vary in different periods. We advise you to be careful with exaggerative advertisements. It is better to approach the center reffering to a medicinal qualification.

9.Transportation Cost

Transport involves an airplane, train, bus, or personal vehicle. Any type of transportation used to get to the city where the center is located.

What are the Average Hair Transplant Cost?

hair transplant price

Hair transplant cost widely vary in our country the same as abroad. Usually, they are offered in TL or EUR. Sometimes the rate is given based on grafts number, in other cases,  there is a single price of the whole procedure. Depending on the number of the grafts the cost of this surgery ranges from 3.000 to 15.000 TL. As for pricing based on graft, the cost in Turkey differs from 1 EUR to 3,5 EUR.

How Much Do Hair Transplants Cost Around the World?

The average hair transplant prices abroad are much higher than in Turkey. Usually, the price per graft is offered. It varies from 1 EUR to 15 EUR for a graft. For example, transplanting 3.000 grafts may cost from 3.000 EUR up to 45.000 EUR. Due to this expensiveness, the hair transplant in Turkey gained great popularity. The leaders in the sector are Antalya and Istanbul hair transplant centers, where the majority of patients are foreigners. People from Arabian countries prefer Istanbul, while Russian citizens come to Antalya. Around 1.000 hair transplant surgeries are operated in Istanbul daily.

Advices Concerning the Prices

  • A hair transplant is not an emergency case. Try to get rates from 4-5 institutions.
  • Try not to rely on the cheapest option
  • The most expensive places do not always guarantee quality
  • Together with the price and quality trust should stand by
  • Transplants like beard, eyebrow, hair transplant in women cost more than classic transplantation, which is reasonable.
  • Some centers sell supplementary needs (like shampoo) after the operation. These centers may push you to use offered items claiming that they help to get a more successful outcome. We advise you to be aware because this is not true
  • You should evaluate your budget and expected quality
  • The PRP supported FUE. Sometimes PRP stimulates hair growth, sometimes it does not. In any way, the outcome of this procedure should not be exaggerated.
  • Hair transplantation is out of private health insurance coverage. Moreover, Government Health Insurance also does not consider it.
  • You can get more detailed firsthand information about prices on hair transplant forums, where people who went through the operation share feedbacks.
  • No guarantee document is provided for hair transplants. There is no guarantee for any medical procedure. If any center offers you a guarantee document, it does not have any legal value. Surgery is incomparable to buying a TV.
  • Try to stay away from the center offering microfue, gold fue, icefue hair transplant techniques. There are no such methods, it is just a word game for promotion purposes. The FUE hair transplant is the only technique.

Where Should I Have My Hair Transplant?

It is better to focus on a doctor who will operate your hair transplant rather than a center. The following criteria will help you to make a healthy decision:

  1. The transplant center should have all legal documents and permissions. We give detailed information about the legality of the center in our hair transplant centers article.
  2. Study the history of the transplant center and its reputation. You should also choose a clinic that will support you after the operation. It is very crucial to get good help in post-surgery phases.
  3. Check the Before and After Photos of the center. Moreover, if possible, request to examine the real examples.

To check the prices of Dr. Hakan Doganay please contact 0090 533 247 19 90, also available on WhatsApp.

Which Hair Transplant Center Should I Choose?

We will share with you a simple approach to check centers. If you try it, you will see how convenient it is. Google the words ‘hair transplant’ or ‘hair transplant center’. Write down 15-20 first numbers of the clinics from given results. Then you should call these centers informing that you want to have your hair transplanted and interested in the cost.
You will hear the price immediately from the person on the other line. He/she most probably will tell you that there is an actual special offer/discount. In other words, they give rates without seeing your photos, without knowing your situation. We advise you to delete this kind of center from your list. If the clinic requests photos or invites you for examination to check whether you are suitable fort he hair transplant, this means that they are professionals. You should keep them on your list. Try to call the toll numbers, because the free of charge numbers can bother you further with campaigns or SMS.

Why are the Hair Transplant Cost Different?

While studying the prices you should consider these two statements:
1) If you buy cheap, you pay dearly
2) I have money but not to waste them
A hair transplant patient has earned his money through hard work. This is why everyone’s natural right to spend it in the best and ergonomic way. We will share with you the very detailed instruction to approach the surgery cost. We hope it will help you.