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10000 Grafts Hair Transplant Result

Our 32 year patient suffered from Norwood 6 hair loss. He had quite wide hairless are yet his donor was strong. We transplanted approximately 10000 grafts in 3 sessions. The hair is thick and black. Grafts were extracted by micro-motored FUE and implanted by DHI method.

There is at least one year period between sessions. The first two sessions lasted 2 days each (4 days in total). Hair grafts from beard were transplanted to the head in the last session.

Before Hair Transplant Gallery

Pictures of our patient before hair restoration procedure.

Operation Pictures

Hair Transplant 10000 Grafts

10000 grafts were transplanted in 5 days within 3 sessions. Grafts distribution is as follows:

  • Single Grafts : 3180
  • Double Grafts : 3605
  • Triple & Multiple Grafts : 1779
  • From Beard : 1620
  • Total Graft Number : 10.184
  • Hair : 8564
  • Total Hairs ( Hair and Beard) : 15.727
  • Hair per grafts Ratio : 1,83

Hair Transplant 10000 Grafts Before and After

We transplanted 10000 grafts by the FUE in 3 sessions. The complete result was achieved in 3 years.

How Much Does 10000 Hair Grafts Transplant Cost?

The cost for a 10000 grafts hair transplant will vary at every clinic. 10000 is a big number so the cost of the surgery is high as well. In the US or Europe, the lowest price will be 25-30.000 EUR. You can have the procedure done in cheaper countries like Turkey and India. Try to avoid very cheap or the cheapest places, yet this does not mean that you have to choose the most expensive clinic. The doctor who you can trust is the main criteria.

If you consider having 10000 grafts transplanted, try to divide the operation into 3-4 sessions. The period between sessions must be at least a year.

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