When Does the Transplanted Hair Regrow

When Does the Transplanted Hair Grow

How long does it take for transplanted hair to grow? When does transplanted hair grow? Does the hair thickness change?

the majority of transplanted hair falls out after the procedure, which is called shock loss. You can find more details about it on our Shock hair loss page. All patients would want their hair to skip shock loss, unfortunately, this is the necessary stage of hair transplant recovery.

When Does Transplanted Hair Grow After the Procedure?

A certain period must pass before the hair starts growing. Usually, it does grow in 3-4 months after the shock loss finishes. In the 3rd-month hair growth progresses slowly. In most cases, significant growth starts in the 4th month. The first hair usually reminds baby hair, thin and growing in random directions. This stage is called an ugly duckling and is the most pessimistic part of after hair transplant recovery. Approximately 30-40% of the transplanted hair grows in 4 months. It is rare, thin, and looks weak. Crown hair regrows slower than the frontal area hair. Crown hair grows with a 1-2 month delay, which is normal. It is proven that the hair transplant is done by an implanter pen results in faster hair growth.

This is our patient and in his 7th-month progress, most of his hair grew. 

hair transplant regrow
ekilen saç ne zaman çıkar

When Does Transplanted Hair Get Thicker?

In the 4th month, the hair starts getting thicker. Around 60-70% of it usually grows by the 5-6th month. Together with density, the hair quality increases as well. By 7-8th months hair keeps getting thicker. The expected result is achieved in one year. You can check more details about hair transplant stages on the after hair transplant stages page.

How Long Does Transplanted Hair Grow?

Usually, hair grows 1 – 1,1 cm a month. The same growth is observed in transplanted hair. The genetics of the transplanted hair remains the same. If the hair starts growing in the 4th month, it gets 2cm long by the 6th month.

How Long Does It Take For Hair Grafts to Set?

First few days after a hair transplant is critical. The first 48 hours are referred to as the epithelialization phase when the follicles are rooted. It is worth mentioning that there is a risk for the hair not to be rooted. It is hard to understand if the hair is rooted or not during the first 10 days after the operation because the scabs must be out first. Rooting must be examined during the next several months.

Does the Hair Grow in 6 Months?

Volume and time are individual to every patient. In general, half of the transplanted hair grows in 6 months. The rest of the hair keeps growing during the following months.

When is Transplanted Hair Rooted?

The first 48 hours are very critical. If there are no problems during the first 10-15 days, the hair can be considered as rooted.

What is the Regrow Rate of Transplanted Hair?

It is incorrect to state that all transplanted hair gets rooted or regrows. This rate depends on the patient’s hair quality, transplantation technique, and age. 85% hair regrowth can be considered a successful result.

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