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Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

Hair wash after hair transplant cleans the scabs that occurred during the operation. Hair wash after hair transplant differs from a regular one, thus raises many questions in patients. Hair transplant operation is small medical intervention. Spot bleeding occurs in the donor area due to graft extraction, which later turns into clots and passes. Almost the same happens with the recipient area, opened channels end in clots. They dry out fast and become scabs that must be cleaned while hair wash after hair transplant. Solutions that were injected into head also come out causing scabs. The below picture was taken on the 1st day after hair transplant. Clots are turned to the scabs.

after hair transplant 3 days

First hair wash after hair transplants must be done during the 1st and 4th days after the surgery. We wash the hair on the 1st day after the procedure because we operate by the Dhi method. Pen implanter causes fewer scabs and clots. This is why there are no restrictions to wash hair after hair transplant the next day.

The first 48 hours after the hair transplant are very critical. Implanted roots are new. In this period, which is called epithelialization, hair follicles are at the adherence stage. A wrong contact with the implanted hair may cause its damage. Hair wash must be made to get rid of the scabs. By wash, the skin gets oxygen that provides nutrition to the roots. If the procedure is done incorrectly, roots may not regrow or get defected. Hair wash after hair transplant differs from the regular one. We would like to describe the process for you in brief on this page.

How is the Hair Wash After Hair Transplant is Done?

In regular hair wash you apply shampoo or soap, foam and massage the skin with fingers or nails. If the same is done after the hair transplant operation, all roots will be removed. This is why the wash must be soft and gentle.

  • Before hair wash you must apply a cream to the recipient area. Such creams like Bepanthol or Terramycin suit perfectly. The cream or lotion moisturizes and softens the roots. 
  • Hair wash is better to be done in gloves. There are two ways of lotion application. First, pour it on your fingers and gently tap into the skin. Second, the lotion is absorbed into sterile gauze cloth, you need to apply it to the skin as a compress. The purpose of cream or lotion application is to soften the scabs. This procedure must be made very gently, like baby caresses.
  • Applied cream should remain on the head for 45 minutes – 1 hour. With every washing, the scabs get softer and finally are cleaned completely from the skin. There is no need to use a lot of cream or lotion. Otherwise, you will struggle to remove them. The lotion amount that would cover the hair roots is enough.
  • Later you need to pour warm water from the top. The shower must not be pressurized. If the flow is intense, you can use your hand to reduce it.
  • Do the rinse after the baby shampoo. It is better to foam the shampoo in your hands and then apply it to the hair. It is gently massaged into the skin with circular movements. You can also use other shampoos that do not contain paraben. Shampoos with a PH value close to the hair PH should be preferred. Baby shampoos are ideal in this perspective. Keep it for a few minutes on your head and then wash it off.
  • Wait for several more minutes, then wash your hair with warm water again. The procedure is completed.
  • Application of lotion and shampoo must be very gentle, like baby caresses.

Things to Pay Attention to During the First Hair Wash

  • The very first hair wash after hair transplant should be done at the clinic where you had your surgery.
  • Water must not be hot or cold. Warm water is ideal (room temperature).
  • The lotion does not contribute to hair development. Its only purpose is to soften scabs.
  • It is recommended to wash the hair twice a day (morning and evening). You can do it more often in summer.
  • With the first wash, the scabs get softened and start cleaning. The implanted area starts getting oxygen.
  • Together with scabs, you may have your hair broken. This is not roots, no need to worry.
  • You must use gloves while hair wash, uncovered hands are not acceptable.
  • There is no special technique for donor area wash. You can clean it completely in a couple of days by the same approach
  • If you do not have an opportunity to do the first wash at the clinic (you may need to leave urgently), we advise you to check our video on YouTube showing the washing in detail.

Hair Wash on 10th Day

Usually, scabs are completely out on the 10th day after the procedure. There is no special washing technique on day 10. Since the first hair wash finger pressure should increase. If you only apply the cream and shampoo without massaging the skin, scabs remain unclean or are removed partially. As a result, the skin receives less oxygen. This is why it is worth cleaning out the scabs in 10 days. In a week after the operation, you must press your fingers harder while doing circular movements on the skin. During the 8th and 9th day you may compress more to completely get rid of the remaining scabs.

Hair Wash After Hair Transplant in Special Cases

  • You must be careful with hair wash after the female hair transplant. Since the transplant is unshaven the lotion sticks to the hair in most cases. This is why you must be careful not to damage hair roots trying to remove the cream.
  • Wash after the beard transplant is easy. You can wash your beard 15-20 times a day like you do your face, this moistures skin very well.
  • Healing of the donor area after the hair transplant from the beard is quite fast. You can start washing it the next day with regular soap. Moreover, you can shave in a few days.
  • Wash after eyebrow transplants is also very easy. You must do it as a regular face wash, 15-20 times a day.


Should I Wash My Hair After Hair Transplant Every Day?

Yes, this is needed to clean your skin out of scabs. If you do not wash the roots properly, they will remain unnourished.

When Should Be the First Hair Wash After Hair Transplant Done?

We operate by the Dhi method, so hair is washed the next day. In the classic FUE, you will need to wait 3-4 days.

When Are the Scabs Cleaned After Hair Transplant?

With the first hair wash the scabs get softer. Scabs cleaning increases by 8-10 days. If you follow the described above instructions, your scabs will be totally out in 10 days.

How Many Times Do I Have to Wash My Hair After Hair Transplant?

Every clinic has its own principles. We recommend to wash the hair at least once a day in winter. In summer you can do it up to 5-6 times a day.

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