hair transplant videos

Hair Transplant Videos

Patients usually search for hair transplant videos and photos in the internet the most. Vimeo and YouTube are two huge sources that contain numerous hair transplant videos posted by patients, surgeons, bloggers.

These videos pursue different purposes. Let us find out what the hair transplant video should contain.

What Should a Hair Transplant Videos Include?

Hair transplants videos are the most helpful visual aides for patients. They are usually recorded by clinics, candidates willing to undergo the operations, or by patients who already had their hair transplanted. In most cases the content is as follows:

Hair Transplant Results. There may be one case as well as several hair transplants results in one video. This is very helpful for people in search. Moreover, the hair transplant videos must contain date and operation period information. Additionally, it is worth determining the number of transplanted grafts.

Below you can find an example of Before and After hair transplant result video.

Hair Transplant Procedure Videos

They are very helpful for those people who wonder how the procedure is operated. These hair transplant videos show all stages from A to Z. They start with shaving and ends with washing, illustrating process parts briefly. Sometimes, a video includes a certain part of the procedure. For example:

  • How the unshaven hair transplant is done
  • Technical details and hair transplant stages of the pen implanter method
  • Channel and the stick and place methods explanation
  • Required grafts number in square centimeters
  • Grafts extraction, hair wash after the hair transplant
  • Hair transplant in women
  • Periodical results of the hair transplant (in 4 months, 6, and 1 year)
  • The very first hair wash after the hair transplant with shampoo
  • Redness, pimples, and itching after the hair transplant and their treatment
  • Eyebrow transplants videos
  • Beard hair transplants and how the hair transplant from beard is done
  • Significant points and care instructions are given after the hair transplant
  • Transplantation videos of hair from body and chest
  • Bad hair transplant restoration and its methods
  • Videos explaining medication use and support after the hair transplant
  • Reports of celebrities or patients who underwent hair transplants
  • FUT method videos (we excluded the FUT from practice for more than 10 years)
  • There are also videos containing patient complaints who are not happy with the results

Here is a detailed video about how the hair transplant is done

Academic Technical Videos

These videos illustrate technical details of the process and are recorded for the doctors. Usually, they contain successful operation methods, comparison, and discussion of different surgeons. They are commonly posted on related academic websites.

Before Hair Transplant Videos

  • There are also before hair transplant videos. They usually include following information:
  • Points to pay attention before the hair transplant.
  • Videos that were made by patients before the surgery in the form of a report.

Hair Transplant Videos

These videos may contain bleeding scenes. Hair transplantation is a minimally invasive surgical procedure and blood is normal. However, people who are thinking about transplanting hair are naturally afraid of it because the procedure is something very new to them.

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What Should be Paid Attention to in the Hair Transplant Video?

The content must meet the name. Proper formatting, for example, HD/Full HD. Videos have to be recorded under the bright light to illustrate procedures clearly. They also should not be very long or too short. Generally, 5-10 minute videos maintain better success in terms of interest and viewer numbers.

If possible, the before and after videos should include the video fragments of results together with photos. 

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