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Hair Transplant Second Session

Sometimes it is not possible to restore the entire scalp hairless area. Patients may need a hair transplant second session. If the donor area capacity is good, the clinic may suggest 3rd and 4th sessions as well. Most of our patients usually wonder why all hair cannot be restored within a single session? Dr. Hakan Doganay answers this question further from a medical perspective.

What is Hair Transplant Session?

Transplantation of identified number of grafts is called a session. One session may last 1,2, or even 3 days. Two or three-day hair transplant surgery is still considered as a session.

  • We do not think that transplantation of more than 2000 grafts in one day is correct. The operation must not last longer than 6-7 hours. If more than 2000 grafts hair transplant is planned, the surgery must be split into two days.
  • Grafts harvesting must be considered according to donor area capacity, otherwise, patient’s donor area may be over-harvested. Sometimes, ruined donor area look can be permanent.
  • Number of grafts must be calculated before hair transplant. There should be a logical ratio between donor hair and hairless area. For example, 10.000 grafts may be planned for the transplantation. However, it is not healthy to extract and implant this number of hair within one session. The operation must be split to 2 or 3 sessions instead.

When is Second Session of Hair Transplant Done?

  • Patients with Norwood 5-6 may have 2 or 3 sessions.
  • It is advised to separate vertex hair transplant to an additional session.
  • Those patients, who are young and hair loss continues, must be informed that they may need a 2nd session.
  • A maximum of 1.500-2.000 grafts can be transplanted in women. This number may not be enough for hair restoration.
  • Second session may be a solution for bad hair transplant restoration.

Within our patients, there are also many who are not satisfied with their first hair transplant. Some patients apply for hair transplant the second session after FUT.

When Should Hair Transplant Second Session be Done?

The ideal period is 10-12 months after the first hair transplant session. The donor area needs time to recover. In most cases, the number of grafts in the second session is fewer. The doctor must calculate a logical number of the donor’s hair and apply it to beard and chest hair if needed.

How Many Session Does Hair Transplant Have? How Many Grafts Can be Transplanted?

This is individual at each patient. If the donor area is strong, there may be 3-4 hair transplant sessions. AHD has many patients behind with 8.000 – 10.000 hair transplants. All these operations were split into several sessions with required intervals. If beard and body hair is used, there may be up to 5-6 hair transplant sessions. You can reach patients’ testimony about hair transplant second session on the forums.

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