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Does Hair Transplant Hurt?

Many patients get anxious about the pain during hair transplant surgery. Some patients are indecisive about the operation because of the fear of pain. Hair transplant hurt like any other medical intervention and degree depends on patient’s pain threshold. If a patient has low pain threshold, he/she feels pain stronger. Yet, only a few first injections hurt. In opposite, people with high pain threshold feel almost nothing. Once local anesthesia is done, there is no more pain for a couple hours, skin gets completely numbed. 

local Anesthesia hair transplant

Is No Pain Hair Transplant Possible?

What type of anesthesia is done in hair transplant? Is no pain hair transplant possible? How proper anesthesia increases comfort during the hair transplant operation? We will try to provide you with detailed answers.

There are three types of anesthesia applied in the hair transplant:

  • Local Anesthesia is used in most hair transplant operations. It is applied on donor and recipient areas.
  • Sedation is when patient sleeps during the surgery. He/she does not remember any interventions that are made during the operation.
  • No Needle Anesthesia presents a modern pump-like applicator, that spreads anesthetic solutions under the skin.

Local anesthesia is used in most cases, patients stay conscious, like during dental treatments. Anesthetic solution is injected under the skin to block sensitivity of the nerves. The skin remains numbed for a couple hours so the surgeons can do hair transplants. There is no commonly known narcosis in hair transplant surgery.

Local anesthesia is applied twise with the FUE:

  • The back of the head donor is anesthesized before harvesting the grafts.
  • Once grafts are collected, recipients area gets anesthesized as well. The patient goes through the pain two times per session. This pain lasts only first 30-60 seconds.

What is No Needle Hair Transplant?

hair transplant pain

This tool helps to reduce the pain in local anesthesia. The purpose of the pump is to increase patients’ comfort during the operation. It rapidly spreads anesthetic solution under the skin without any injections. Although, there is tiny pain similar to insect bites. Local anesthesia injections are applied anyways once the pump blocks nerves, patients feel no pain. We usually use the pump in patient who have low pain threshold. If the threshold is average, we apply local anesthesia injections directly.

Conclusion: It is not possible to avoid any pain in hair transplant, however, there are ways to reduce it to minimum. The only pain that patients feel is local anesthesia application or injections. Once the skin is numbed, rest procedures do not hurt.

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