Hair Transplant From Another Person

Hair Transplant From Another Person

Patients whose donor area is poor usually ask whether they can use hair from another person. Due to the FUE, it became possible to extract hair from the beard and body (use them as an additional hair reserve). However, patients with Norwood 6-7 need more grafts than their bodies can offer. This is where the idea of transplanting hair from other persons comes from. Is this possible? We will give all answers on this page.

Can Another Person Donor Hair be Transplanted?

Today organ transplantation (liver, kidneys, etc.) became a routine procedure. Moreover, last year hands, face, and other parts of the body also started being transplanted. If this kind of complicated surgery is possible, why do not we transplant hair from another person? Unfortunately, this is not as simple as it may seem. 

First, this kind of procedure must carry an organ transplantation name. This is because the procedure includes body part transplantation from one person to another.

Hair and Organ Transplantation Comparison

Usually, when transplanting kidneys and other organs, life is in question. For instance, a patient with kidney failure needs kidney transplantation; otherwise, his life is at risk. Kidney transplantation is tracked on the Government system where you need to wait for the order. When a suitable donor is found, surgery is made. The general suitability factors are:

  • Blood type
  • Tissue group type
  • HLA antigens

Donor suitability is very rare and complicated in spite of the big candidate number. HLA gene is very important. Those patients who have low HLA suitability rates may have problems with organs. Body tissues may refuse the transplanted organ. To prevent rejection a patient needs to take immunizing drugs for a lifetime. As mentioned above, this is the question of life and health. Every medicine has more or less sides. Ones that are used after organ transplantation makes the immunity system weak and irresistible for viruses.

There are a few examples of lag and hands transplantation in Turkey. Unfortunately, these patients did not live long. These people did not die because of the organ transplantation, the reasons were simple infections. Their bodies and immunity were not able to resist viruses.

Can Another Donor’s Hair Be Transplanted?

Hair transplant is not a procedure that can save your life. It is an aesthetic procedure that makes people feel happier. This is one of the reasons why hair transplant from another person is not possible.  If there is no life risk, thus there is no need to put your life into the risk. Moreover, immunosping medications significantly harm the immunity system.

How About Hair Transplant For Single Egg Twins?

The most straightforward way to transplant hair from another person is procedure with single egg twins. This is because genetic codes are identical and all negative reactions are excluded. This case is very rarely met.

Hair Transplant From Another Donor

Dr. Doganay made the hair transplant for single egg twins in 2013. He transplanted donor hair from a man to his twin’s head. You can check details by clicking on the links.

Person-to-Person Hair Transplant – Researches

There is no need to get sad about the current impossibility of hair transplant from another donor. Various experiments have been conducted till now did not give any good results, fortunately, the work  continues.

  • In 2000 500 grafts were transplanted by the FUE from A patient to B patient, and vice versa. 6 months later 20 grafts were rooted and regrew in A patient and none of the grafts survived on B patient. In one year those 20 grafts fell out as well. These experiments with FUE did not result in anything positive.
  • Hair transplant from mother to son has been worked on but there is no progress yet.

There is a promising result of Dr. Kwon Oh-sangfromSeoul International University Hospital According to his research, a hair transplant from another donor is possible without damaging the immune system. He offers to implant hair in those cells that accept follicles, those that reject hair stay isolated. Experiments are ongoing. 6 rats already had the hair transplanted from another rat, the hair regrew

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